TAIWAN – One Day Food Tour Itinerary

Nightmarket_Taiwan_Travel 1 Day Itinerary Food Tour

After several posts and recommendation of Taiwan, I would like to do a wrap up for  just 1 Day Itinerary. Aiming for those who only stay or pass by Taiwan in a very short period of time. This is mainly focus on a Food tour instead of a site seeing  day.


Anyways let’s start with breakfast in a very local Taiwanese Cafe. This was one of the café where I found they have various choices of toast and is freshly made everyday. It is located in Zhongshan area, it takes only 5 minutes walkable distance from station. Since we stayed in Mei Hotel, it is located a few alleys only. It is a very little cafe and only 5-6 tables inside.

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

The menu are all Chinese however believe you can ask for English version if necessary. You have to order in the paper that given on table and mark what you wish to have. We ordered the deep fried pork with egg and a deep fried chicken fillet with egg toast. The meat was so crispy and fresh. For beverages,  we ordered Taiwanese milk tea and fresh soy milk. The toast cost only 40 TWD (US$1.3) !! and the  drink only cost TWD 20 ($0.6) Believe or not,  I spent less than $2.00 USD for a breakfast!! LOL

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