The Beauty of Sakura at Night – Kawazu

Night Sakura_Kawazu_河津櫻_Travel_Japan

NIGHT SAKURA KAWAZU 河津櫻 Travel Japan Ito

Continue from my previous post of the Day Sakura, this post I don’t have much to write but to show you the night of blooming Sakura in Kawazu. As mentioned in the previous post, this was my first time visit in Kawazu and also seeing sakura in real life. Actually I visited the night sakura before the day time but I think would be better to show the Day one first as it give you a big difference from the night view. So here you go!

There aren’t many people (actually a few at the back), but since I arrived a bit late. Checked-in from Imaiso Hotel and just rush to the Kawazu station immediately after my dinner. As Night Sakura only last until 9:00 p.m! (you probably have to check out their schedule from official site) They will turn off the light so it’s impossible to take any photos. Lucky me I arrived at 8:30 p.m and I got exactly half an hour to record the beauty of night sakura.


Night Sakura_Kawazu_河津櫻_Travel_Japan

I walked directly to the bridge just right next to the Kawazu river in such a limited time. See how different this place from the day time! Along the path, many couples or families come after dinner. It’s a bit cold that night, so my hands got freeze when I have to take out my tripod! If I need to use a word to describe, I would say the night one looks like a star shining at night.


Without companion, I can only use a tripod to take photos  for myself. but it turns out a bit dark!
It’s just like walking through a Sakura tunnel!


See how gorgeous these are!

The  Snack Counters

At the end of the path, there are a few food counters on the left. There are fired fish, chocolate waffles and candy etc.  Finally I  bought a mochi (glutinous rice dumpling) with sweetness strawberry inside. It was so yummy!! The lights shut down at 09:00 p.m. It was super dark at night so if you are alone, don’t walk into the alley but the main street, as there aren’t much light along the street and even people! Anyways, highly suggest to go next year if you are addicted to Sakura!





The strawberry mochi

How to get here

Kawazu Official Facebook

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